Lotus Asia Tours Catalogue and Tariff 2022/23




This year Lotus has put in great effort in producing a widely innovative offer for her esteemed clientele around the world. 

The team is honoured and proud to have rendered all and each service listed in the catalogue Carbon Neutral zeroing thus the carbon footprint left behind by our activities on the ground. 

This is the coronation of several years of systematic engagement in responsible commitment to our communities. After having aligned all our offices, transport operations and employment ethics to the standards laid out by Travelife of which we are proudly member, we have commenced to gradually make our services carbon neutral few years back. Today all our services carbon emissions are offset by projects in partnership with Climate Partner

Relevant Innovations have then been introduced with two lines of tours under the banners of Away from Crowds and “Slow Tourism”. As the titles evoke, for the first one we have re-organized some packages in such a way as to avoid large gatherings of tourist like visiting famous locations at non-peak hours and by detouring through less known but equally interesting areas of the region visited. Surface transfers, wherever possible and meaningful, are done with alternative vehicles such as bicycles and boats. For the second one, slow and detailed visits of specific areas are conducted, mostly on foot and local means of transportation, often visiting local families and cottage industry houses.

We are also introducing a line of ‘LGBTQ Friendly Tours’, a collection of bespoke itineraries designed to offer experiences to our customers spanning from Honeymoon Packages to Cultural Tours, Cities Stopover and Beach Extensions. 

A trove of new excursions in each destination, are displayed and categorised as follows: Classical Journeys, Nature Escapes, Water Activities, Fun & Dining and Local Experiences

A newly rearranged selection of hospitality offers has been carefully revised providing a competitive inventory. By shrinking the listing, we have focused on the quality, innovation, interest, location and, prices as the primary criteria of selection. 

Whether bespoke or scheduled, we believe that our offers will titillate the appetite of wide range of travellers and tourists and, we hope you will find our offers refreshing, sensible and responsible as well as relevant to the current trends and market’s expectations.

Happy working!

The Lotus Team